• Basics of Nutrition

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    • The basics of nutrition
    • Learn to eat properly
    • What nutrients do I need?
    • Six helpful tips!
  • Yoga for Weight Loss

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    • Lose weight with yoga!
    • Yoga single leg rotations
    • Kundalini yoga cobra pose
    • Yoga bow pose
  • Lose Weight Effectively

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    • Tips from a personal trainer
    • Learn about vicious diet cycles
    • What it really takes to lose weight
  • Become a BodyBuilder

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    • Training Perameters
    • BodyBuilding Nutrition
    • Rest and Recovery
    • Stimulation: Resistance Training
  • BodyMedia Fit

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    • Track calorie burning
    • View results on your smartphone
    • 95% Accuracy rating
    • Monitor your sleep
  • Withings BP Monitor

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    • Track BP
    • View results on your iOS device
    • Stay healthy
    • Share results with your physician

Gym Programs

How I've Kept The Weight Off

Check out the BEST Gym Program you will ever need to stay fit!

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Gym Services

Get the right gym

It can be difficult to find the correct gym to fit your needs, find out what gym fits you

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What's New At Gym.com

  • Runner

    Top 5 Weight Loss Tricks For The Summer

    As the winter months are drawing to a close the thing on most people's minds is holidays and summer fun. However, summer isn't much fun if you can't shed that winter weight that hangs on after Christmas and from the comfort eating to keep you warm. So here are the top 5 ways to lose weight for the summer.

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  • Eat Healthy

    How To Get Healthy

    There are few things in life as important as your own health. Sadly, all too many of us get caught up in taking care of everyone but ourselves, and it is only when a serious problem strikes that we take notice of our health. Once you've been told by your doctor that a change needs to be made, it can be difficult to know how to get healthy.

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  • Diabetic Pyramid

    Have Diabetes? Find out how to fight it!

    In general terms Diabetes is a medical condition in which excessive amounts of glucose in the bloodstream causes serious health problems. The abnormally high glucose levels are caused by the failure of the body to produce enough insulin or when a problem arises with how the body uses the insulin.

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  • Runner Weight Loss
  • Eat Healthy Get Healthy
  • Diabetic Food Pyramid Fight Diabetes

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