Amenities are programs offered by each gym. Some gyms offer a lot more than others, it’s important to pay attention to the amenities that each facility offers because it will play a key role in deciding which gym is the best fit for you.
You may require the gym you’re looking at to have a lot of different amenities because you are interested in many activities such as personal training and swimming pools. On the flip-side of that, many folks are just as happy going to a gym that just has the basics like weights and basic machines.
The amenities that you require will vary widely based on your personal goals. Take note of exactly what you want to achieve and what activities you expect to do at the gym before searching for a new gym. Doing so will give you a better idea of what amenities are necessary for you.
Often the more amenities that a gym offers, the higher the cost of the membership will be. When a gym offers plenty of amenities it has the ability to meet the needs of more types of gym goers. A gym with more amenities will also open doors for new activities for you to get involved in.
Although every gym is different most offer at a minimum 2 different types of amenities. The first grouping of amenities are facilities. Here are a few facilities that you may find in a gym.
  • Swimming pools Indoor and outdoor pools

  • Hot tubs and/ or Saunas

  • Tanning Beds

  • Locker rooms

  • Equipment

  • Massage Chairs

  • Smoothie Bars and water fountains

  • Showers

Facilities are in reference to the physical aspects of a gym. These are the amenities that you are likely to be most aware of. But they aren’t the only type of amenities to consider. On the other side of things there are other type of amenities called services. Here are a few services that you may find in a gym.
  • Childcare Centers Some gyms may have areas or clubs dedicated to watching kids while you get your workout in

  • Personal training A lot of gym goers require personal trainers to help them achieve their goals

  • Classes If you have a hobby such as Zumba or kickboxing, it may be important to you that a gym offers particular classes

The amenities that a gym offers is very important, and taking the time to understand exactly what is offered and what your requirements are is key to having a successful go at the gym.


A good gym is a clean gym, period. The cleanliness of gyms can vary greatly, so you should do your research before choosing a gym, check out some of our reviews of the most popular chains in the US to get an idea of what each gym has to offer in this space. As you know, gyms are full of people who are constantly sweating and touching equipment frequently, and many people often decide to not clean-up after themselves.
Putting any health concerns aside, it would be uncomfortable to work out in a gym if you aren’t sure of the cleanliness of it, if every time you go to use the weight bench, or hit the treadmill you see streaks of sweat everywhere and it’s a common occurrence, there is an overall hygiene issue at the facility.
The best gyms have multiple systems in place that help keep their facilities clean. Here are a few indicators that a gym has good hygienic practice is in place.
  • Staff The staff of a gym is the party responsible for keeping the gym clean. A clean gym will have staff that are constantly cleaning the gym. During your workout, you may notice various employees cleaning equipment after a person uses it. Cleanliness also refers to various utilities such as bathrooms and tanning beds, so you should take note of how the staff regards these utilities as well.

  • Cleaning supplies If a gym takes its cleanliness seriously, they are likely to have cleaning supplies in various spots around the gym. Supplies can be anything from antibacterial to quickly wash your hands to disinfecting cleaning spray with paper towels for quick wipe-downs. Cleaning supplies should be available for use by both staff and gym goers.

  • Gym Goers You can sometimes judge the cleanliness of a gym by the activities of gym goers. Clean gyms typically have clean gym goers who expect clean facilities and will often clean their equipment after each use. It is still ultimately up to the staff to provide a clean facility, but gym goers can contribute to a cleaner and more comfortable workout environment.

A clean gym is imperative to your health and workout experience, make sure to always spend some time when checking out your prospective new gym to make sure there aren’t buckets of sweat all over place with no employees cleaning up.

Cutting Edge Equipment

It’s hard to achieve our goals without the proper tools, so you should take a look at what equipment is offered. Most gyms have the same type of basic exercise equipment such as weights or treadmills, but you may be looking for more to achieve your exercise goals.
You should look for gyms that have the proper equipment you need, for example, if you need a well-stocked free weight area then Planet Fitness may not be the place for you, whereas Gold’s Gym may fit your need better. But you should also pay attention to the condition of the equipment, although gym equipment is fairly reusable, it still develops wear and tear over time. When checking out a gym, make sure you take a look at the equipment, are all the labels peeling off? Are some retired with a “DO NOT USE” sign on them? If so, this could be a red flag that this facility does not re-invest in their equipment.
Wear and tear isn’t the only reason that good gyms change out their equipment. New equipment is more effective and makes their gym goers happy.
A good gym knows that as technology advances so does workout equipment. Having the latest workout equipment can help gym goers meet their goals faster and offer new experiences.
Quantity is also important for workout equipment. Nobody wants to wait for the “new treadmill,” if there are only a small handful of new pieces of equipment it can often lead to long wait lines to use the newer gear, which in turn is a poor experience.
Look for a gym that has updated and working equipment and that there is enough equipment to meet your demands.

Hidden Fees

Financial literacy is more widespread than ever and people are making it a priority to manage their money better. It can be pretty annoying to get charged an extra fee by your gym, especially when you’re trying to keep your finances in order. There may be fees that you may not even understand.
These fees are considered hidden fees.
Hidden fees are common with many gym memberships, it is very important that you read the fine print when signing up to your new gym to be sure that there wont be any surprises. Gyms will sometimes have hidden fees to make their membership fee seem lower.
You should be told about all fees or be given clear information about them during the gym membership sign up process, including any surprise costs if you need to cancel for any reason.
A good gym won’t have any hidden fees and will never surprise you with extra charges, everything should be laid out in bullet points when signing up. Gyms without hidden fees are more transparent and trustworthy. You can be sure that you are getting exactly what you agreed to pay for.
Hidden fees can lead you to miscalculate the value associated with a gym because you are never confident in what you are receiving for your money.
Here are a few common hidden fees that you should be on the lookout for.
  • Annual fees Fees that you are charged in addition to your monthly fee. Divide annual fees by 12 and add it to your monthly fee to gain a better understanding of how much your gym membership actually costs.

  • Sign on fees Sometimes gyms will have a one-time fee to sign up that you may not anticipate. This fee may be required in addition to the first-month membership fee when you first sign up for gym memberships.

  • Cancellation Fees You may sign a contract where you agree to be a member of your gym for a certain period of time. But if you decide that you want to change gyms earlier than planned, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Sometimes it may be cheaper to just wait until your contract expires.

Hidden fees can be a nuisance, especially if associated with a gym that has ticked all your other checkboxes. If you’ve landed on the gym that you really want to use, make sure the facility clearly outlines any & all fees related to their services being rendered, just be aware of the 3 categories of fees from above and ask questions.

Wrap Up

Finding the best gym for you can be difficult, but putting in the work ahead of time of reading our reviews will help eliminate any outstanding questions you may have. When doing research on a gym, you should understand:
  • What the gym has to offer? (Amenities)

  • How clean is the gym? (Cleanliness)

  • Does the gym have quality equipment? (Cutting Edge Equipment)

  • Are there any hidden fees? (Hidden Fees)

Luckily, we’ve already done a lot the research for you.
When rating gyms we take into consideration “The Top 4 “, to ensure you find the perfect gym based on what factors are most important to you.
You can view our current reviews of popular gyms by going to our home page. Click “Read a review” to be directed to the reviews or simply scroll to the bottom for our list of reviews.
Best of luck on finding your next gym!