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Place Description: "LA Fitness continues to increase its presence by focusing on the one lifelong benefit valued by everyone: good health."


Knowing how affordable this gym membership is, it might not take much for you to consider choosing this facility for your new workout sessions. However, there is quite a few more amenities and classes that you should be aware of before making your final decision. While all of these classes (and more that aren’t listed) may or may not require an extra fee, it’s still pretty awesome that the facility even offers these bonus classes. Not everyone enjoys the same methods and techniques for working out, so having this variety of classes makes it more welcoming and fun for members of all fitness levels.

  • Amenities
  • Cleanliness
  • Cutting Edge Equipment
  • Hidden Fees
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  • Has every type of exercise equipment you can think of
  • Decently low priced considering the number of amenities
  • Each location has a basketball court, decent sized swimming pool, sauna, and a large locker room area
  • Has a child care center with supervised playtime for your kids while you enjoy a peaceful workout


  • LA Fitness is a popular gym that is highly rated, as such it can tend to get overcrowded
  • Most facilities are not open 24/7


Maybe you have been on the search for a new fitness center for a while or perhaps you are looking for a gym that meets your needs better than the one that you currently attend. Either way, you’re searching for a new gym that is affordable, clean, and reliable to get your workouts in and live a healthy lifestyle. LA Fitness has quite the offer for those interested in a popular and established gym, and it’s extremely affordable as well. But what sets their gym apart from the other hundreds of fitness centers in the country? Let’s take a look and see what LA Fitness provides to its members and find out if they have what you’re searching for.

What you should know about LA Fitness

LA Fitness was founded way back in 1984 in Southern California and has continued to strive to provide innovative ways to improve the well-being of their members, both physically and mentally. They are known to provide spacious gym facilities across the country with a large variety of amenities and diverse fitness classes. With their many pieces of strength and cardio equipment, they seem to have a lot to offer for their members and there is always plenty to go around. While they may not be open to the public during late hours or offer 24/7 access, LA Fitness still has decent working hours which are generally between 5 am and 11 pm on normal weekdays. So as long as you don’t require your workouts to be in the middle of the night, this fitness center should work well for you and your needs.

Membership Pricing

With LA Fitness, they offer two types of memberships, both of which are extremely affordable. Let’s take a closer look at the plans below:

With both memberships, you are required to pay an additional $99 initiation fee. As a current member of this facility, you can also add family members to the gym with a discounted initiation fee of only $25. This is a pretty great incentive that they offer to get the entire family involved at a lower price.

Here is what you get

With the long reputation of this gym, it seems as if they are quite respected and it makes sense as to why. If you’re unsure of whether or not you want to commit to LA Fitness for your new gym, they offer a complimentary 5-day guest pass for you to enjoy all of the benefits without the commitment. Most clubs have a variety of classes to enjoy, however, some classes are only available with an additional fee. One of the best perks about LA Fitness is their child care services. Many parents don’t have the luxury of finding a babysitter for their child while they work out, so this Kids Klub is a great advantage for parents to enjoy a 2-hour time slot of child-free workouts. Moving onto the amenities, you’ll be happy to hear about the exclusive extras that they offer at LA Fitness, including heated pools, basketball courts, racquetball, and saunas. While this may not be the cheapest gym membership available on the market, they seem to offer a lot more than the average “cheap” fitness center.

Is LA Fitness the right gym for you?

There are many different options to choose from when deciding on a gym membership, and not each membership is created equally. Luckily, there are some great affordable options, such as the ones that LA Fitness provides, that can give you the benefits of having different workout options while still being affordable for every budget. Generally, the staff is known to be friendly and approachable, however, some members have seen a lack f knowledge with some of the staff. Although, that may not be the case with your specific location. If you are a parent, this definitely has a great childcare service that you can take advantage of while you workout, which is extremely important to have available. Even if you are not a parent or you already have a babysitter line up, you still have a lot of options at this facility that many other gym memberships fail to provide. Members seem to totally appreciate the variety of classes and exercise equipment because you have literally everything you could ever ask for when choosing a workout method. Overall, it’s a great choice for the cost and seems worth it to at least give it a try. Of course, it would be a great idea to take them up on their offer of the 5-day guest pass before making your decision to open a monthly membership so that you can get a feel for the environment before you make any commitments.

Some key points to remember

With every gym membership, there is usually a contract that comes with it, and LA Fitness is not any different. Be sure that you read the information in the contract agreement entirely before making any commitments. Naturally, there always seems to be some type of hidden fees that are squeezed into the contract, so be sure to ask the salesperson what these additional fees are before you sign up. Another extra cost will be the classes and training if you are interested in joining any of those, you will want to check out the policy and fee for these specific classes, as they differ for every location. Many members have complained about being tricked into paying for these classes, however, it’s a known fact that these classes are available at an additional cost and not included in the membership price. So, if you are good with this, then LA Fitness is a great choice overall.

Bottom Line

There will always be one (or more) fitness centers that claim to be better or cheaper than the next, however, you can’t go wrong with what LA Fitness is offering for memberships. They have decent monthly fees and have a ton of amenities that many other gyms fail to provide. Although, their hours of operation does seem to be the major downfall here. You will want to keep the hours of this facility in mind before signing up for a membership. Obviously, not everyone’s schedule will accommodate these hours for working out, and LA Fitness doesn’t exactly stay open late on the weekends either. So, make sure that the LA Fitness in your area works for your schedule. Overall, it’s a decent gym with lots of different exercise equipment, so you should always be able to find something that you’re wanting to use. The problem? Since it’s so popular, you may have trouble getting time in on your favorite cardio machine. The main concern with this fitness center is the hours of which they operate, which can be a problem for those that work on the weekends. But if you are willing and able to look past this disadvantage, then LA Fitness is overall a popular choice. If you’re interested in more of a flex schedule gym, check our reviews on Planet Fitness, and Anytime Fitness.

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