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Place Name: 24 Hour Fitness

Place Description: "A little fit goes a long way, when you manage to fit in your workout. At 24 Hour Fitness, we’re here to provide the motivation you need to kick off the covers and kick into gear. We put opportunities and tools at your fingertips – such as studio and cycle classes, on-demand workouts, 24Life magazine and signature training programs – to get you started on the right track and keep you moving forward."


The pricing model for this gym, along with what they have to offer, makes it seem like a pretty great deal. 24 Hour Fitness advertises to every fitness level no matter where you are on your journey, and I think that is one of the most important factors. The best thing about 24 Hour Fitness, however, is the fact that they have absolutely no hidden fees. There are no cancellation fees, no cleaning fees, and no maintenance fees. That’s a pretty big deal breaker for most people, so this is definitely a big perk. There is one thing that could be a deal-breaker, as some people will love this attribute and others will condemn the facility for it. However, 24 Hour Fitness has a strict policy on creating transgender equality. Individuals are to have access to locker rooms and restrooms that match their gender identity rather than the one they were assigned at birth. Honestly, it’s pretty great that this facility considers these factors in with their policy and it’s something that can and should be appreciated from this entire company. But if that’s not enough to persuade you into choosing this gym, then consider checking over the rest of the policy and see how it fits in with your personality and needs.

  • Amenities
  • Cleanliness
  • Cutting Edge Equipment
  • Hidden Fees
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  • No hidden fees whatsoever
  • Open 24 hours a day for the most part
  • Has a unique fitness app generated for members and their fitness goals
  • Receive free personal training and support


  • There aren’t many facilities spread throughout the country
  • Each location offers different incentives and pricing, so it’s hard to tell before requesting information


Finding a gym that’s compatible with your fitness level, work schedule, and bank account isn’t always a simple task. Today, we are going over one of the most popular and well-respected gyms across the country, 24 Hour Fitness. While not every fitness center will have everything that you need, this gym offers a lot of amenities and benefits to purchasing their membership plans. When you take the plunge to open yourself a new gym membership, there are a lot of things that you are going to have to consider, including the cost and how often you will be using the gym. As far as 24 Hour Fitness goes, you may be surprised by everything they have to offer, including their immense training and support. This is one of the most credible fitness centers around the country and it’s easy to see why. Let’s take a look at this fitness facility to see if it has everything that you are looking for in a gym membership.

What you should know about 24 Hour Fitness

With over 400 24 Hour Fitness clubs spread across over 13 states in America, this gym has over 30 years of qualified experience to give you the best fitness journey to enhance your well-being. 24 Hour Fitness is headquartered in California, however, they have now taken up states across the country and aim to open more as the years pass. They strive to help people of all fitness levels improve their lives with personal training and fitness classes. This fitness facility is for those that are looking for a gym that has it all, to work out when you want and how you want. As the name suggests, this fitness facility has operating hours around the clock. For the most part, at least. Some locations are not open as often, and holiday hours may reflect changes as well. This facility definitely has the amount of experience it takes to create a decent and reliable gym, and it seems that most current members agree. There doesn’t seem to be many downsides for this membership plan, although each location can give off some negative encounters. However, overall, this fitness center definitely has what it takes to make the list for one of the best large fitness chains on our list, and here’s why.

Membership Pricing

The best part of 24 Hour Fitness is the number of plan options that they offer. They understand that not everyone has the same needs so why should everyone pay the same price for something that they may or may not use as often as the next person. That’s why it’s so essential (and appreciated) that gyms offer more than one type of membership plan. Not every fitness facility offers such a variety to their members, and that may be where many of them fail. While prices may vary from location to location, here is the breakdown for the most popular membership plans.

  • Basic Memberships: Gives you the flexibility to pay month-to-month with an additional initiation fee
  • Commitment Memberships: Commit to 12 months or more and pay less for your monthly dues
  • Pre-Pay Membership: Choose from a variety of prepaid membership plans for up to one year.

With both memberships, you are required to pay an additional $99 initiation fee. As a current member of this facility, you can also add family members to the gym with a discounted initiation fee of only $25. This is a pretty great incentive that they offer to get the entire family involved at a lower price.

Here is what you get

24 Hour Fitness overs an array of membership plans to choose from, so you have a ton of options – which may feel overwhelming at first. So, it’s great that this facility offers a 7-day free trial for you to test out the gym before you make any commitments. Besides the many options of classes and workout methods, this facility offers a great number of amenities as well. Here are just a few of the amenities and bonuses that you’ll get for being a member at 24 Hour Fitness.

  • One-on-one workout sessions with a 7-day plan for leveling up your fitness performance successfully
  • GX24 classes to sweat it out with your fellow workout buddies and send each other good vibes and great challenges
  • Personal training to help you set goals and customize your workout plans
  • Calorie-burning cardio, martial arts, yoga, conditioning, cycling, pool, sauna, basketball court, and more included with your membership
  • 24GOcustom workout app that will deliver the perfect workout plan to you when you need it
  • Kids’ Club for children 12 and under that gives kids a fun place to play while you get your workout on

Is 24 Hour Fitness the right gym for you?

Whether you are just starting out and have no idea where to begin or you have enough experience to train people on your own, 24 Hour Fitness seems to have a spot for everyone on every level. And they are willing to train and work with you to figure out what level you want to aim for by the end of your journey. Although, there really is no end in sight for a healthy lifestyle, right? With 24 Hour Fitness, you get access to the gym 24 hours a day, with the exception of holiday hour restrictions.  This is a huge bonus for individuals that work long days and need a gym that is open on a whacky schedule. This facility is known to have some of the highest-quality cardio and strength equipment, so if that’s what you’re searching for then this may be your best bet. The cycle classes, pilates & barre workouts, martial arts, and yoga are just some of the different options you have to choose from. So no matter what type of workout you crave, 24 Hour Fitness has it. Of course, you have to feel comfortable with the gym that you choose, so why not check out their free 7-day trial period and give them a shot before you make a commitment?

Bottom Line

No matter which gym you choose, it has to be one that you feel confident enough to allow them to help you make a healthy change in your life. Sure, the price of the membership holds a pretty high value, but it’s truly important how the gym makes you feel. 24 Hour Fitness has been making individuals feel their best for over 30 years, and they continue to make people reach their fitness goals and feel confident in who they are. The prices of these plans seem to fit every budget and lifestyle regardless of how often you visit the gym. When you are faced with a gym membership that offers this many different choices for price plans and a large variety of amenities, it’s hard to pass up. Especially when they are well-known for having one of the most established and respected fitness centers and staff across America. However, just because this gym has been the right choice for millions of individuals, doesn’t mean that it will fit perfectly with your lifestyle. This facility offers so many incredible classes and personal training options that it’s almost too hard to pass up. So, when in doubt, try it out. Take them up on their 7-day trial membership and see if they meet your expectations for your perfect fitness center. You never know, this could become your second home.

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