Withings Go, activity and sleep tracking device


If you’re in the market for your next wearable device to replace your aging FitBit, it’s time to look at what could be the future of inexpensive and long-lasting wearable on the market.

The Go can last up to 8 months on a single charge, making it the longest lasting fitness tracker on the market (that has an on-screen interface) and comes in at only $79.99. The best part of this new tracker is it keeps track of all your activities automatically, no need to set a mode, or turn on a particular option during your day-to-day life. It will automatically track walking, running, swimming (water-resistant up to 50m), and your sleep patterns.



The screen is E-Ink (think Amazon Kindle if you’re not familiar) which obviously contributes to the 8 months on a single charge. Withings claims the main reason people end up ditching their wearables is because they need to be charged often, which we agree with – there is no doubt having to charge your device nightly, or only getting 8 hours per charge turns a lot of people off of various smart trackers.

go_appThe accompanying app (Health Mate) is one of the best parts of the new Go device, the UI ties all of your workouts, sleep patterns, and overall exercise habits into a beautiful layout that is simple to use. You will be able to flip through all of the above, and additionally tie in food logging which will tie back to the calories you’ve burned during your activities. The app is available for both iPhone (App Store) and Android (Play Store) devices, and it goes without saying that the phone sync’s up to the device via Bluetooth. One other thing you can also do (like most fitness apps) is set goals, this feature will let you set the goals you want to reach daily such as calories burned, steps taken, etc. your Go device and phone will both show your progress to your goals, and will allow you to earn rewards, and challenge friends.

The reason it’s been hard to call this device a “smart watch” or “fitness band” throughout is the fact Withings wants you to use this device any way you want. It can clip to your belt/pants/shirt/(anything really), attach to your key chain, slide in your pocket, or be used in the watch band.

The Go comes in 5 different colors (shown above) and can be yours today, check it out over @ the Withings website.

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