Exercise apps tracking your activity post-exercise


Do you ever feel like your exercise apps are tracking a bit too much information? Or do you ever wonder how long the apps collect data on you once you’ve finished up a workout? Data such as GPS location and any other things you agreed to when installing an app may be collected longer then you expected.

Recently a compliant was filed with The Norwegian Data Protection Authority published a complaint against RunKeeper which is a very well-known app for iPhone and Android that connects you with other runners and is heavily community based.

The complaint alleges that the app engages in the following bad activities:

  • Runkeeper tracks users and transmits personal data to a third party when not in use.
  • The app does not appear to delete personal data as a matter of routine or when the user requests it.

data_sent_outWith these findings it is quite obvious why this is a relatively large issue, while it is true that a lot of applications do the same they have to disclose that information. Unfortunately at the time of this publication RunKeeper does not disclose that they do it, or give an explanation of what data is being transmitted and why (third party, most likely advertisement).

The complaint specifically goes after the line from RunKeepers website claiming the following:

 Location: We hope this one is self-explanatory, but we do in fact use your location to track your workouts. The GPS hardware exists on your phone and Runkeeper needs this permission into [sic] order to use your phone’s GPS so we can be your workout buddy on the road!

The above quote does not give much information on what is actually being collected like what was uncovered, so for the time being things are the way they are until RunKeeper sends out an update, weigh on the poll below to let us know your thoughts!

Should RunKeeper have disclosed this information?

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