Samsung Charm will count your steps, while keeping things basic and fancy


The new Samsung Charm which was released in Korea, Italy, France and Russia (and upcoming select markets) is a simple yet elegant device that has no fancy interface with tons of bells and whistles, yet can still track your steps and report it back to your smartphone. One of the biggest things that Samsung boasts about the Charm is that it can last upwards of 14 days on a single charge!

The appeal of the Charm is the simplistic, yet elegant design. For a lot of people step tracking is a primary part of their daily lives and as we’ve seen in recent months there are quite a few trackers coming out that are simpler and more basic yet can give you the overall feel of a premium wearable. The Charm takes it a step further by eliminating any form of a display, and keeping just a simple rounded square look that can be worn pretty much anywhere (unlike some of the larger competitors on the market).


The device will also keep you updated on texts, calls, and social media updates which is always nice to have. The product is currently available in the gold, black, and rose quartz color pallet which will help compliment pretty much any outfit you may be wearing (style does matter, some of the times). You can also pop out the charm itself and put it in the different color bands if you’d like.

As far as compatibility, sorry to the iPhone market at this time, as it will only work on Android 4.4 or higher while utilizing the Charm by Samsung App in the Play Store. Hit us up in the comments section if you like the idea of a simple wearable for step tracking, or if you prefer a larger more detailed tracker.

Source: Samsung

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