Pebble update for health and fitness tracking


Pebble took quite a while to get into the health and fitness wearable arena (all the way until this past December). With the latest release of the Pebble Time software they’ve fine-tuned the Pebble Health tracking software to track all of your wellness steps and achievements to get on-track with your fitness regiment.

You’ll be able to deep-dive your activity trends, auto-track runs (which we love), sleep smarter with their enhanced sleep tracking, and help bring your fitness goals into one centralized area via a wearable.

pebble_software_udpateThe new app now integrates directly with your iPhone or Android based smartphone so you can easily track everything you’ve been seeing on your wrist, on your phone. The bonus here is the advanced feature set, and ease of use Pebble offers by integrating with your phone. There is an entire Health section dedicated to reviewing your sleep patterns, how your workouts have been going, and you can use the data to help keep yourself on track. With the latest update the largest feature they’re adding is “auto-detection” which updates on your watch when you’ve been out for a long walk, or a jog/run and you may have forgotten to track your exercise. It’ll be automatically sync’d from your watch to your smartphone.

To compete with other wearables on the market Pebble Health now comes with an alarm built-in to detect when you’re starting to wake-up from your lightest sleep in the morning, and begins a slow wake-up process, there is quite a bit of competition in this space, to find out more about sleep tracking read our article What do sleep trackers offer?

Pebble Firmware 3.12 Release Notes (Official Announcement)

For Time-series watches:

  • New Pebble Health mobile graphs: view interactive charts of your step and sleep activity in a dedicated Health section of the Pebble mobile app (version 3.12 or higher).
  • Pebble Health now automatically detects runs and long walks. Receive a notification, timeline pin, and mobile graph data after the activity is complete.
  • Wake up refreshed with Smart Alarms. Set a Smart Alarm to go off when light sleep is detected, up to 30 minutes before the set alarm time.
  • Know more about your activity and sleep habits with new insights and activity prompts from Pebble Health.
  • The Send Text app is now available for iPhone users with text replies enabled from a compatible carrier.

For all Pebble models:

  • Text responses to incoming or missed calls are now available for iPhone users with text replies enabled from a compatible carrier.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • To update to the latest firmware, select Menu » Support » Update Your Pebble from the Pebble smartphone app.
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