Withings’ Thermo – Accurate thermometer, technology at its best


The first “modern” thermometer was created in the early 1700’s and has gone through many iterations since it’s conception. From the early days of mercury thermometers to more recent times where you simply need to wave a thermometer over you head to get a “decent” reading thermometers are a staple in modern society – so why not make them even better? Withings’ is doing just that with the Thermo.

What Thermo Offers

Thermo introduces technology that Withings’ coins as “HotSpotSensor” which takes 4000 different measurements within 2 seconds, finding the warmest part of your forehead via 16 infrared sensors; and yes I said within 2 seconds you will have what Withings’ claims to be the most accurate reading of your temperature on the market.

thermo_appAn App! Similar to the various other technologies we write about on here, having an app seems to be the overall best trend. However it would be nice if this tied directly into other apps so you wouldn’t need tons of different apps just to store your data, but along those same lines this app does some pretty amazing things for just a thermometer. It will take your temperature, show your “most recent” temperatures and you can even log when you’ve taken some form of medication in between. You can also share this information with your doctor at any time.

This will be a huge help when talking about keeping track of your little one’s temperature, how often you may have given them some form of medication, and making sure that they’re getting better & informing your doctor. This goes really for anyone, having the ability to track your temperature and medication intake during an illness has great advantages, especially when you’re 102 fever has you feeling like you’ll never be able to move again.

How to acquire the Thermo

You can click here to signup to be informed when the product is available for purchase, also as a little tidbit of information they wont the 2016 CES Innovation Award in Fitness & Biotech & Tech for a better world.

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