MOVE IT – Smart Home Gym, why didn’t we think of this?


Many days go by where wishing you could get to the gym was a reality, between work, kids, and life in general it is not an easy task. In comes MOVE IT something that we should’ve created, but someone else did.

In our busy lives it’s quite common to find time to get to the gym, have a full work-out and continue on with our regular schedules. MOVE IT tries to eliminate the need to get to the gym (or at very least supplement it), allowing you to simply escape away to another area of your home and get a workout in. The best part? It comes with an app! and in today’s day and age, there really is nothing like being able to connect up your workout gear to your phone or tablet to track your workout behavior. Let’s get into this technology and see how smart it is.

How it works

move_it_4-1jpgMOVE IT claims to be a 4 in 1 workout utility, where the gear can be turned into an ab-wheel, jump rope, push-up stand, and resistance band. What makes MOVE IT a one-of-a-kind technology is the handles that are used coined “smart handles” which will talk back to the app and log your workout for you.

You can modify the setup of the handles to the various different positions to get the four different workouts accomplished, all while logging the data to your bluetooth supported device.

The App

inthe_app_moveitWhat makes this a top technology fitness suite is the fact the handles tie back to an app. The app is what brings everything together, the app works on both Android and Apple devices and it tracks all of your movements so you can view your progress. But that’s just the start, it also allows you to connect with others and join fitness competitions, track your time, calories, and so much more. This really is the all-in-one solution when you’re constantly on the move and need to catch up on some much needed exercise.

If you don’t want to do one of the built-in exercise programs they offer, they also have a casual workout mode which allows you to workout at your own pace, which for many of us works the best.

When can this become mine

Although the product is currently on a crowd funding source (as of right now has reached 142% of it’s goal) it has already come a long way through the development process, so in short; this is not vaporware, it is real and will be ready for general consumption to early adopters by August of 2016, you can even catch a hands-on of the product over at engadget!

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