What do sleep trackers offer?


Sleep trackers are small gadgets that let you know whether your lifestyle habits are having any impact on your sleep quality. These smart devices pick up data that keep track of body movements at night, and then provide feedback that allows you to evaluate and quantify your quality of sleep. In essence, sleep-tracking devices help you to:

  • Find out how alcohol, food, stress and other factors affects your sleep
  • Recognize daily trends that disrupts your sleep
  • Identify what helps you to have a humble sleep

Here are what we consider to be the top four sleep trackers available in the market today. Their features and all you ought to know before buying any one of them, plus some important points you need to know before making a purchase are below.

FitBit One

fitbit_one_sleep_sleeveIt’s an all in one activity tracker designed to help you remain active and improve your fitness levels. This tracker records all the steps, elevation climbed, the distance moved and calories burned within a day. While using it, you can simply set your sleep and fitness goals, see your progress statistics on charts and even share your results with friends and family to help you stay motivated. It’s also possible to transfer your data to a PC via the USB port or wirelessly to handheld gadgets using select Bluetooth devices. The fitbit one slides into a comfortable sleeve to help track your sleep habits, this may work for some people, and others, not so much.

Microsoft Band

microsoft_band_sleepMicrosoft Band will track your sleep with you manually putting it in sleep mode, or it’ll automatically detect your sleep pattern and enable itself. The sleek & slim profile device will let you share your sleep data with the Microsoft Health App in the Windows Store for a very nice visual layout of what your sleep patterns are showing up as.

Withings Pulse O2

withings_pulse_O2The Withings Pulse O2 helps you keep track of various goals by monitoring calories burned and distance traveled using the device’s insights and reminders. The Pulse O2 also integrates seamlessly with the MyFitnessPal app which allows you to keep a food journal and make comparisons with the provided calories database. The Withings Health Mate application monitors your daily sleep cycles at both at day and night time and even keeps track of daily your heart rate and your body oxygen level.

Lark Silent Alarm Clock

lark_sleepLark is not just a silent alarm clock – it’s a smart sleep tracker designed to help you get a better night’s rest. During the night, the tracker uses its actigraphy technology to monitor body movement as you sleep. You can view your sleep data summaries online every morning after turning off the vibration alarm through this sleep tracker’s very own iOS app – the Personal Sleep Coach app which is an invaluable tool that helps you set daily sleep goals and give more insight into your sleep patterns.


When buying a sleep tracker, compare the features on each of the four sleep trackers listed above and then choose the product that suits your usage needs, budget, and goals.

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